Supply and processing

All of the wine and cider products in our portfolio undergo extensive testing and processing before, during and after bottling.


Arista Wines partners with recognized wine producing countries and, more specifically, with world-renowned producers, to supply the majority of our wines. Our suppliers are resolute professionals who generously share their know-how, expertise and passion for wine to provide us with modern wines that will delight the taste buds of consumers.

Our team of experts sample, select and choose wines from all over the world in order to guarantee that consumers will enjoy quality wines at accessible prices. That’s our mission!

We also ferment certain wines, which are then used in our sangrias, ready-to-drink and industrial wine products (denatured wine, cooking wine, etc.).

Since we are located in the heart of Quebec’s apple-growing industry – Rougemont – Arista Wines has direct access to locally-grown apples that can be used to make our ciders. The majority of apples we use come from our own orchards, which enables complete integration and a high level of control over how the fruit is grown and processed. This guarantees that we can offer our consumers the highest quality products.


Our facilities feature cutting-edge technological equipment.

These versatile technologies permit us to offer our products in assorted and unique packaging formats; namely, individual glass bottles or in 750ml or 1L sizes (flat or sparkling), 3L, 4L, 5L, 10L, 20L and 30L bag-in-box formats (flat and sparkling, even for the larger sizes), multi-layer, Tetra-Pak type packaging (187ml, 1L) and PET packaging.

Arista Wines meets all current quality standards and has obtained numerous certifications, including HACCP and GFSI, among others.