Bag in box

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Better, more modern packaging

The popularity of wines packaged in paperboard is progressing worldwide, and the quality of products packaged in this manner is on an upward swing. The practical aspects and the unequalled value of the packaging we offer have made this the fastest-growing segment in the global wine industry. Les buveurs modernes de vin décalent leur perception de prendre le vin aux occasions spéciales à une consommation journalière aux repas.

How is it made?

Highly technological packaging

The box of the bag-in-box (BIB) contains a vacuum-sealed bag, which prevents the oxidation that spoils bottled wine a few days after opening. Consumers have definitely adopted the bag-in-box concept. Not only does it offer an economic means of preservation, but more importantly, it respects the environment and allows several months’ preservation after opening. Thanks to the bag-in-box, wine now has a more festive, more modern and younger image.

Practical nozzle

No-mess pouring

The tap of the bag-in-box makes pouring easy and spill-free. You also don’t have to worry about finding pieces of cork in your glass.

Wine conservation

Preserving the quality of wine is our most important concern. The chief advantage to bag-in-box packaging for wine is that it prevents oxidation of the wine as it is poured. This means that your wine stays fresh for four weeks after opening! The tap protects wine from contamination and any possible contact with the surrounding air. Whereas wine in a bottle is oxidized by the flow of air into the bottle while the wine is being poured, wine in this format is never touched by air and thus, never subject to oxidation until it is poured into a glass. You can enjoy a glass anytime without worrying about how long the rest will keep – and the last glass of wine is as good as the first. Arista Wines’ bag-in-boxes come with a new membrane and a new valve that offers twice the oxidation protection than any other packaging on the market.


Larger size and with less packaging

Bag-in-box is a resolutely ecological solution. Recycling is effortless. Begin by separating the bag from the cardboard packaging. Both the cardboard and the polyethylene bag can be recycled. Our sustainable packaging consumes far less energy than bottled wine. A 2L bag-in-box weighs four times less than three 750ml glass bottles. So less raw material is used in the manufacturing of the packaging, and the resulting product is lighter and takes up less volume when transported. There is no unused space during transportation. The bag-in-box is easy to transport and its lighter weight makes for considerable savings in transportation fees.

Greater volume 

More wine at a lower price

The volume of one 4L container corresponds to five and one third 750ml bottles. So it’s the perfect format for receptions, family activities or for personal consumption at home.

You’ll enjoy considerable savings with our 4L format, since all our wines in this format offer the best value on the market. In fact, it’s like purchasing four regular-size bottles, but receiving the equivalent of five and a third bottles for the same price.