When tradition meets innovation

A new wine container that is more ecologically friendly and much lighter than glass. Completely unbreakable and able to preserve your wine to the highest standard. A sensible and modern choice, as compared to a glass bottle.

How is it made?

The bottle reinvented

Spirits have been available in plastic packaging for many years, but only recently has a technological breakthrough opened the way to commercializing wine in the same way.


PET makes for a greener world

The 750ml plastic PET (polyethylene terephtalate) bottle is totally recyclable. These recycled plastic PET bottles are often reused to manufacture quality food packaging, thereby completing the recycling process. It should be noted that there is a strong demand among recyclers for PET plastic, owing to its numerous commercial and industrial applications. Environmentally speaking, the principal advantage of using PET plastic over other competitive products is a reduction in greenhouse gases, mainly caused by excessive energy consumption and high-carbon emissions resulting from the manufacture of glass bottles.

The 3Rs of ecology

Reduce: PET uses 90% less material, which means less gas and toxic emissions resulting from transportation.

Recycle: 92% of municipalities have equipment to re-use PET containers.

Re-use: Contrary to tinted glass bottles, which cannot be transformed into similar products, PET containers can be transformed into a multitude of high-quality products.

Re-closeable caps

Never worry about finding a corkscrew again
Plastic bottles are easily opened and re-closeable, thanks to their aluminum Stelvin-style screw cap, created specifically for containers and bottles of wine. This type of screw cap allows no oxygen to penetrate, and preserves all the aromas and quality of the wine.


Featherweight or plastic weight?

Empty, a 750ml plastic PET bottle weighs a mere 54 grams, making it 85% lighter than a glass bottle, which weighs a total of 400 grams. This makes transportation of PET bottles more efficient, less costly and most importantly, more ecological.

Unbreakable bottle

Who would have thought?

Having all the aesthetic qualities of a glass bottle, as well as being unbreakable, the new plastic PET bottle contains as much wine as a standard 750ml bottle. The use of the plastic PET bottles eliminates the problems of fragility and breakage that often occur when using glass bottles. PET bottles do not break, making them easier and more reliable to transport, and adaptable to different types of consumption.

Wine conservation

Flawless preservation

The plastic wine bottle protects both the taste and colour of the wine for more than a year, similar to a glass bottle. After opening the bottle, you can extract a significant portion of the oxygen contained in the bottle by pressing lightly on the packaging. It is not necessary to lay the bottle on its side for storage. It can be kept standing upright.