World's Vineyards

Italy, Spain, Australia…: Our experts travelled the world’s best wine growing regions to offer you these selected wines rich in traditional knowhow. Reds, whites, single varietals or blends, they belong around the dinner table, putting the pleasure back into easy pairings and cooking for family and friends. The extra touch? Arte Nova blends the age-old art of winemaking with decidedly modern cardboard containers that preserve wine at its serving best. No more surprises! Your favourite wine will never be corked, you have our word on it, and so you can enjoy exceptional quality at exceptional price.

Winemaking tradition. Pioneer packaging.

Thanks to VinoPak, Arte Nova wines pair traditional winemaking with pioneering packaging: reclosable, unbreakable, light, and recyclable! These cardboard containers are also easy to store, eliminating the need for expensive or bulky cellars—all in a range of varieties and formats to suit every mood.

Individual format, so practical

All the advantages of our light, unbreakable, recyclable VinoPak containers in 4×187.5mL wine boxes sized for total convenience. Our wine packs are the ideal choice for single servings, outdoor activities from picnics to hiking, and everyday cooking. No need to waste a whole bottle anymore!