Arte Nova

Australian Red Wine

  • 1L

World’s Vineyards

Hail the bold personality of New World wines! This expressive red wine from Australia has a deep purplish colour with the smoke-tinged aromas and hint of jam to match. In the mouth, it releases pleasant freshness and develops astonishingly soft tannins that will enhance, never overpower your favourite dishes.

  • Country of originAustralia
  • Degree of alcohol13%

Culinary Association

With its soft tannins, this New World red wine gets along perfectly with pork, chicken and beef in all guises, from hot summer barbecues to comforting winter stews.

Winemaking tradition. Pioneer packaging.

Thanks to VinoPak, Arte Nova wines pair traditional winemaking with pioneering packaging: reclosable, unbreakable, light, and recyclable! These cardboard containers are also easy to store, eliminating the need for expensive or bulky cellars—all in a range of varieties and formats to suit every mood.


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