Arte Nova

Australian White Wine

  • 1L

World’s Vineyards

From Australia comes a delicious white wine with a lovely golden-yellow colour that sparkles in the glass. Its vibrant yet fine nose exudes white fruit enhanced with a hint of luscious vanilla, and its balanced acidity leaves a pleasant freshness on the palate for a finale that will please all wine lovers.

  • Country of originAustralia
  • Degree of alcohol12.5%

Culinary Association

With its freshness and fineness, this versatile white pairs perfectly with white meat, fish and seafood in the most classic of food pairings.

Winemaking tradition. Pioneer packaging.

Thanks to VinoPak, Arte Nova wines pair traditional winemaking with pioneering packaging: reclosable, unbreakable, light, and recyclable! These cardboard containers are also easy to store, eliminating the need for expensive or bulky cellars—all in a range of varieties and formats to suit every mood.


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