Arte Nova

Italian Red Wine

  • 1L

World’s Vineyards

An ever-so-smooth Italian just the way we like it. This red wine with its soft, fine tannins has a deep ruby-red colour and a nose with fleeting hints of pepper and red berries. On the palate, it reveals a supple texture and rather sustained aftertaste. A pleasing blend made in the grand tradition of Italy, it’s designed to accompany you from cocktail to dinner.

  • Country of originItaly
  • Degree of alcohol11%

Culinary Association

This red wine is Italian through and through, and that also goes for its recommended pairings. Given its peppery nose and soft tannins, think fresh pasta in tomato sauce, cold cuts like prosciutto and salami, or (of course!) any beloved variation of pizza

Winemaking tradition. Pioneer packaging.

Thanks to VinoPak, Arte Nova wines pair traditional winemaking with pioneering packaging: reclosable, unbreakable, light, and recyclable! These cardboard containers are also easy to store, eliminating the need for expensive or bulky cellars—all in a range of varieties and formats to suit every mood.


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