Arte Nova

Spanish Red Wine

  • 1L
  • 187.5mL
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World’s Vineyards

A light, fruity red big on taste, what more could you ask? This handsome red wine has a deep ruby colour distinguished by pleasant freshness and beautiful balance. In the mouth, you’ll appreciate the soft tannins and subtle notes of red fruit, plums, and cocoa. A single varietal, it captures all the personality of Tempranillo grapes, one of Spain’s most rustic varietal renowned for producing young, fruit-forward red wines.

  • Grape varietyTempranillo
  • Country of originSpain
  • Degree of alcohol11.5%

Culinary Association

Here's the perfect companion for your grilled red meats, saucy dishes and mild-to-aged cheese boards. Its soft tannins also pair well with tomato sauce or fruit-based recipes.

Individual format, so practical

All the advantages of our light, unbreakable, recyclable VinoPak containers in 4×187.5mL wine boxes sized for total convenience. Our wine packs are the ideal choice for single servings, outdoor activities from picnics to hiking, and everyday cooking. No need to waste a whole bottle anymore!


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