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Explore the world’s most intriguing grape varieties with Vivre dans la nuit wines. It’s a well-known fact: every country possesses unique terroirs growing rustic varietals loved by all, but rarely exported abroad. This signature concept brings together popular varietals — like Sangiovese — with more niche grape varieties like Negroamaro, resulting in exceptional wines with a nose for providing surprising taste at friendly prices.

Discover, taste, share… with delighted taste buds and quiet confidence, knowing that each blend was produced in collaboration with renowned wine makers and experts as passionate about wine as you are!

Bi-varietals Concept

Our wine experts visited Italy from top to bottom to work with wine growers who specialize in traditional grape varietals, blended with more world-famous ones for unique results. Now, it’s your turn to discover this exciting family of dual varietals you’ll absolutely want to sit back and enjoy!

Discover the Negroamaro grape variety

Negroamaro is a grape variety from Southern Italy, most notably Apulia, although historians say it may have migrated originally from Greece. Its name, which refers to its dark skin, derives from “Niaru Maru”, meaning black in two different languages: niger in Latin and maru in Ancient Greek.

Over time, it has won a reputation for producing wonderful rosés, especially when blended with Sangiovese.