Vivre dans la Nuit

Italian Rosé Wine

  • 750 ml

It’s a Rosé kind of life

When night falls, everything becomes possible. That’s why our winemakers chose to call their new wine Vivre dans la nuit (or Live in the Night). This vibrant rosé delivers a blend of two varietals: world-famous Sangiovese and the lesser-known Negroamaro. A beloved southern Italian varietal of Greek origins popular throughout Apulia, Negroamaro has carved a distinctive niche and stars in many of the country’s trademark rosé blends. That’s because Negroamaro lends power and freshness with its dark-skinned grapes, hence the name. All in freshness and fruitiness with a powerful nose dominated by cherry and raspberry notes, this breezy rosé is the perfect choice as an aperitif and also pairs well with food. A discovery worth sharing.

  • Grape varietyNegroamaro, Sangiovese
  • Country of originItaly
  • Degree of alcohol12%

Culinary Association

A laid-back wine tailor made for cocktail hour, this lively rosé has all the personality needed to shine equally well at dinner time, paired with salads, smoked salmon or your favourite seafood specialties.

Discover the Negroamaro grape variety

Negroamaro is a grape variety from Southern Italy, most notably Apulia, although historians say it may have migrated originally from Greece. Its name, which refers to its dark skin, derives from “Niaru Maru”, meaning black in two different languages: niger in Latin and maru in Ancient Greek.

Over time, it has won a reputation for producing wonderful rosés, especially when blended with Sangiovese.


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