Arista Wines has an extensive range of products to please every palate and suit every occasion. Whether you choose wines with a recognized designation, varietal wines or table wines, our products, imported from world-renowned international suppliers, are carefully selected to satisfy your tastes and keep pace with market trends.

Our brands

Arte Nova

Arte Nova wines offer exceptional quality at an exceptional price. Produced in the world’s best wine-growing regions, these table wines are perfect for any occasion. Arte Nova is available in a range of varieties and formats to suit every mood.

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Au Quotidien®

Au Quotidien® is great for a casual aperitif, to sip while preparing dinner or while enjoying quality time with family and friends. To be savoured at any time of day and for any occasion!

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Bistro Mundo

Great wine doesn’t have to come in a bottle! The Arista Wines team has travelled the globe in search of great wines you can enjoy every day. The carefully selected varietal wines in the Bistro Mundo collection offer a true world tour of flavours.

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Grandes réserves

The Grandes Réserves collection is exclusive to the IGA supermarket banner. These wines are produced from small batches of designated grapes and prestigious varietals grown in the world’s most renowned regions. Grandes Réserves can be cellared for many years and are available in grocery stores!

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La Tonnellerie

Cask aging has contributed to the making of some great wines. In fact, wood casks are uniquely able to magnify and enhance the properties of each wine, and bring out its essential aromas. Cask wine making is considered a noble art and our collection of select wines reflect those vibrant and refreshing flavours.

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Les Grands Cavistes

A great Bordeaux wine available in a distinctive format: the 1.5L magnum. This wine is offered for a limited time in Provigo and Loblaws supermarket stores. A wonderful wine at a wonderful price. For all occasions!

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Ozie The Land Down Under

Ozie: how you pronounce “Aussie” and what you call someone from Australia! This special vintage is based on the warmth, charm and spirit of the Australian people. The koala and the kangaroo have become common symbols of Australia.

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The Little Traveler

Our suitcase harkens back to the 19th century, when the first regular Maritime routes that transported quality wines to the Americas were opened. Once at destination, these wines were usually sold on the dock or pier.

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